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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Prophet Muhammad 6 Year Old Left by His Mother And Father

| Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Prophet Muhammad had been left by father for 6 years, which was one of the most painful tests. we are not necessarily strong enough to face such circumstances, and the life of the prophet Muhammad became a sign of prophethood.

Prophet Muhammad, age 6, asked about the existence of his father , and got information that Prophet Muhammad had been left by his father while in the womb of his mother named Siti Aminah. at that age Muhammad's Prophet was invited by his mother to go to Yastrib to visit his grandparents from the Najjar family. the trip was accompanied by Umm Aiman as a servant prepared by the Prophet before he died. Prophet Muhammad was invited to the place when his father lived and died, the feeling of Prophet Muhammad at that time was very sad.
Prophet Muhammad 6 Year Old
Prophet Muhammad 6 Year Old 

when the prophet Muhammad, Ummu Aiman and Siti Aminah prepared to go home to Mecca, and when the journey to Makkah arrived at Abwa ', Siti Aminah felt sick and died and was buried there. Muhammad's feeling was very sad because he lived alone. Prophet Muhammad now has no father and mother.
that is the story of the prophet Muhammad, aged 6 years full of sorrow left by his father and mother, it turns out that the most perfect prophet of mankind in the world had felt a painful pain.

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