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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Prophet Muhammad 11 Wives ,HER NOT SEX ENTHUSIAST

| Saturday, December 1, 2018
Prophet Muhammad married thirteen women living with a widow all, except for A'ishah bint Abu Bakr. The following is a list of names referred to in the work entitled "al-SÄ«rah al-Nabawiyyah" (1955: II / 643) by Ibn Hisham.

Prophet muhammad 11 wives names

Khadijah binti Khuwailid

Prophet Muhammad married Siti Khadijah with 6 children named Abdullah, Al-Qasim, Zainab, Ruqayyah, Fathimah and Ummi Kaltsum.
Prophet muhammad 11 wives names

Saudah binti Zam’ah

Saudah bint Zam'ah married Prophet Muhammad when he was 60. It became evident that Muhammad was not a sex enthusiast.

Aisyah binti Abu Bakar

Aisyah bin abu bakar was married to the prophet Muhammad when he was 7 years old, but had a Prophet's month with messengers from Allah between the ages of 12 to 15 years after baligh

Zainab binti Jahsyin

Zainab bint Jahshin married Prophet Muhammad after her husband, Zaid bin Harith, died.

Ummu Salamah binti Abu Umayyah

Salamah bin Abi Salamah ex-wife Salamah bin Abi Salamah married to Prophet Muhammad did not have children

Hafshah binti Umar

Hafah binti Umar was the daughter of Umar bin Khattab, married to Prophet Muhammad and had no children, the head of the marriage was directly from his father, umar bin khattab

Ummu Habibah binti Abu Sufyan

Umm Habibah bint Abu Sufyan is the ex-wife of Ubaidullah bin Jahshin, her marriage does not have children like other wives.

Juwairiyah binti Harits

Juwairiyah bint Harits is a prisoner of war as well as a former wife of abdullah. Juwairiyah binti Harits comes from the Jewish tribe.

Shafiyah binti Huyay bin Akhtub

Shafiyah bint Huyay bin Akhtub is a Khaibar prisoner of war. he is a former wife of Kinanah bin Rabi 'bin Abi Huqaiq.

The name 9 wife of the Prophet Muhammad above was the wife who had honeymooned with the Prophet. while the other 2 wives were divorced because of bad behavior, Asma bint Nu'man and Amrah bint Yazid.

Women who have been married to rosulullah numbered 11 and divorced numbered 2. that is prophet muhammad 11 wives names who we can convey. Thank for visit

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